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I have a ballerina pear tree which I planted in my
garden 3 years ago, when can I expect it produce

Your help would be greatly appreciated.



Tree maturity could be a factor. Fruit trees usually won't produce fruit until their 4th or 5th year. Too much nitrogen in the soil can also contribute to fruitless trees. Consider having your soil tested and make the necessary amendments. Also, fruit production will increase exponentially if you can get a 2nd pear tree for cross-pollination. Make sure it's compatible so they blossom at the same time. Hope this helps

25 May, 2016


If not blossoming, lack of tree maturity and/or excess nitrogen may be the cause. If blooming, but still not producing, causes could include lack of pollination, bad weather during blossom or early fruit set, drought at that time, or careless feeding at that time. Note that in pollination problems, the tree will need a partner of a different variety, rather than the same variety, but one that blooms at approximately the same time.

25 May, 2016

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