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Hi,i had a lovely red 4 headed amaryllis bought for me for Xmas when it had finished flowering let it die back until leaves had gone yellow then cut it all of just above the bulb popped it in the greenhouse thought it would dry out ready to start preparing for Xmas but it have new shoots coming up what do I do ,do I take it indoors ? Will it flower again this time of year ?



I think I know somebody who can help you, hold on.

25 May, 2016


let the new leaves grow and this will also feed the bulb to produce a new flower, possibly next year if not the year after. In the warmer weather I usually put mine outside in the sun and just treat like any other bulb, watering when needed etc. Mine tend to flower in March April after that and not at Christmas but I don't mind.

25 May, 2016


Let the new leaves grow and feed them with general purpose fertilizer until the end of the summer.Then let the pot dry out until you see signs of new growth. Its important to feed it while the leaves are still on so if you didn't you may not get flowers next year.

25 May, 2016


Lol SBG - great minds think alike...must have posted at the same time.

25 May, 2016


I see I have "competition" from others about giving advice on the care of Amaryllis! LOL! :-))

Nevertheless I can't really say anything different. Let the leaves grow & fertilize it with a general fertilizer, according to the instructions on the product bottle but take care not to let the plant sit in a saucer of water for long periods of time as this could cause the roots to rot & you would lose your bulb.

I feed mine with a high potash fertilizer, (rose or tomato), from the end of June to the end of August.

To bloom again they need cold & dry conditions for a couple of months. Light has no influence on them & you can choose to leave the leaves on during winter or cut them off. I used to leave the leaves on all winter if they remained green as these are semi-evergreen plants.

Their natural flowering period is from March-April but to get them to flower at Christmas they need to be forced, much like Hyacinths or Daffodils. So if you leave them to follow their own inclinations they will flower in the spring. As yours was forced to flower at Christmas it's very unlikely you will see any more flowers this year. If you feed it & keep it in good light, & keep it dry & cool for a couple of months over winter, it should flower again next spring.

Mine flower every year & I must have around 200 bulbs by now! Though many of them are offsets be grown onto to flowering size in the coming years. Yet I still manage to get at least 50 or so to flower every year. This year I had flowers from the 1st day of the year to the last days of April! At one point I had 13 plants in flower on our living room table! Not a day went by without some flowers during that time!

29 May, 2016


Not competition Balcony - just passing on your advice in case you weren't there...

30 May, 2016


your affirmation makes it more credible.

30 May, 2016


I was only joking about the "competition" that's why I put it between quotes!

I'm only too happy for you to pass on any information you may have gleaned from me! I would like everybody that grows these lovely plants to be able to get them to flower in following years! :-)) They are after all no more difficult to grow & get to flower than Daffodils - minus the frost!

5 Jun, 2016

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