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Hello gardeners
I don't have a garden just a small area around my flat so all my plants are in containers, I have recently put a small Acer and a pieris mountain fire in multi purpose compost and have since read that they need ericacious soil. Should I worry or re pot them.
Thanks in advance



I have a little acer in a pot and it has been there for 2 years. Seems to be doing ok.

24 May, 2016


most composts are slightly acidic any way. so I wouldn't worry too much. if their leaf colour starts to go yellowy then give them an ericaceous feed. [one designed for rhododendrons]

welcome to GoY too :o)

25 May, 2016


Thanks for both your replies. I feel better now. I shall keep an eye on them & be prepared to give ericaceous feed. ?

25 May, 2016


Both need acidic soil (I'm assuming the Acer is Japanese), so if I were you I would repot them in ericaceous compost now. Much easier than dealing with subsequent problems further down the line.

25 May, 2016


My Pieris is perfectly happy in a pH of 6.5 and so was my Acer until it died of windburn. I would leave them unless they start to look a bit yellow. when you feed them just use ericaceous feed instead of the usual one.

25 May, 2016


I recently read that most Acers are pretty unfussy about soil ph. Pieris needs acidic, but as above...most compost is neutral. So give your Pieris some ericaceous feed and it will be fine.

25 May, 2016


Thanks for all your helpfull replies. I've bought some ericacious feed and will go that route.
I'll remember to check in future before I pot anything. ?

27 May, 2016


Not worth buying a bag of ericaceous compost unless you have enough plants to use the whole bag - there are ways of adding an extra bit of acidity....
Feed for rhodedendrons, azaleas, camellias;
Add half a cup of white vinegar to a watering can of water;
Throw you used tea leaves (minus the bag) or coffee grounds around the plants.

27 May, 2016

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