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By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

could someone please id these 2 plants for me ...thanks

Plant Plant2



Look like dogwood/Cornus top one looks like Cornus Kesselringii ? I have this one.

24 May, 2016


I was thinking a Viburnum suspensum for the top one. No ideas about the second picture.

25 May, 2016


I thought Viburnum but cornus would fit too for the top one.
the second looks like a small philadelphus [mock orange]

25 May, 2016


Thank you very much

25 May, 2016


Daylily is right--no surprise, especially since she owns one! It looks like Sbg is right, too, about the second pic. I propose Philadelphus coronaria 'Aureus' for the second one, though there are probably several others that would fit the bill.

25 May, 2016


Thanks for your help Tugbrethil :>)

25 May, 2016


You're welcome, Motinot!

27 May, 2016

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