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moray, United Kingdom Gb

I planted a euphorbia last year but wondering now if i did the right thing as I read recently it can give you a nasty burn.Im worried my little dog might go up against it. Has anyone had a problem with them



It's the sap that's the problem with Euphorbia (and many other plants, incidently), so you need to take care if pruning. Otherwise it's fine. I've certainly had no issues with mine.

25 May, 2016


I've had euphorbia in two gardens and neither dog or cat has had problems. I think they know to keep away but in any case, as Rosierose said, it's the sap that's the problem. If you don't cut the stems there's nothing to worry about.

25 May, 2016


Its not likely to break by just being brushed up against - the stems are quite strong.

25 May, 2016


Thanks for your replies,that explains it. Ill definitely keep it then.

25 May, 2016

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