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Can anybody tell me why the top growth of my tomato plants are turning a bit yellow



It could be chlorosis. It's a nutrient deficiency. Most common causes is poor drainage, too much water, compacted roots. A picture would be helpful

25 May, 2016


for this time of the year its not good if yellow at the top I would be worried it was the early start of blight

How are you growing them greenhouse ?

as Bathgate has mentioned already , feeding ? watering etc....


25 May, 2016


Sorry I did try to send a picture for some reason it didn't work ,had blight in the past ,don't look like that other tomato's near are ok will try to do photo again thanks

26 May, 2016


Fluctuating temperatures maybe, could you be overwatering especially lade in the day?

Cold nights and wet roots may cause them to rot
It is unseasonably chilly at the moment

26 May, 2016

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