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I found this mystery plant in the garden a few months back while doing my spring tidy up. I was not sure if it was a weed but as I did not recognise it, I thought that I would pop it in a pot and see what developed. Now that it has grown a little bigger, I am none the wiser.

Does anyone have any idea what this is? I know that there is not much to go on here, but hopefully, someone may recognise it. Sorry, if the pics are a bit blurred.

UPDATE: the mystery plant has turned into the top pic in the sequence.

Dscn5506_copy Dscn5497 Dscn5499



Possibly a Pulmonaria? It should have flowered by now, though.

26 May, 2016


Could be Stachys (Lamb's ears). If the leaves and soft and velvety then it probably is.

26 May, 2016


I think it's got mildew and I'm erring on the side of the weed, or forget me not.o

26 May, 2016


Aha, now that rings a bell. I had Stachys in that area of the garden for a while but lifted them. They were larger than this wee thing, but nonetheless.

So, I think that Arbuthnot wins the prize. :)

Thanks everyone for the help.

26 May, 2016


Ooh, it's not often I'm right, specially with Him Indoors. I'm probably only right once or twice in a hundred times and then I can never remember what it was I was right about!

If it is Stachys, will you keep it? The bees like it.

26 May, 2016


I guess there are various strains of this plant. I have mature lamb's ear but it's more of a silvery blue color.

26 May, 2016


I am not sure if I will keep it, Arbuthnot. I did not like it when it was growing in the garden. It had become very wandering and flowers were not very attractive. But I hate to dispose of a plant, so I may find a corner for it somewhere.

I think that as the plant grows, Bathgate, the leaves do take on a bluish hue. You can see in the pics, that they do look a little silvery already. Although Commomile described it as mildew.

26 May, 2016


my first thought was one of the small willow herbs with mildew. is the silvery actually a 'furry felty' structure or just a thin film on the surface?

27 May, 2016


It looks like forget-me-not with a bit of mildew.

27 May, 2016


Seaburngirl, it is like silver furry felt. I am pretty sure that it is a Stachys as I did have those close to where this popped up. I had cleared them out last year, but it may be that they have seeded. It is smaller than the original Stachys tho. By quite a bit.

28 May, 2016


Well it would seem that the plant is not what we thought it was. The potted plant has turned into the same thing as the larger plant growing in my patio. It is close to where we keep tubs with annuals and change these each year. So, it may be a seedling from last year's tubs. Or it is indeed a weed.

The image is not that clear, but the plant has tiny bright blue flowers. And it does indeed seem to be carrying some mildew.

So, once again, any ideas, folks?

14 Jun, 2016


It a common forget me not. they self seed freely.
with all the mildew I'd pull it up and bin it. the spores will infect other plants and spoil them too.

14 Jun, 2016


Thanks Seaburn. I'll do that very thing.

15 Jun, 2016


camomile deserves the credit she suggested it first :o)

16 Jun, 2016


Indeed she did, so thank you Cammomile.

And the poor weed is now at the bottom of the bin!

16 Jun, 2016


Lucky guess!!

16 Jun, 2016

How do I say thanks?

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