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I'm looking for a deep copper coloured bush rose that is very fragrant. Not apricot but a very deep copper. I know I've seen one somewhere but can't remember where or what it was called.
Can anybody come up with suggestions?



I can't help with personal recommendations but I've just googled fragrant copper coloured roses and it came up with dozens of pictures and names and they looked stunning. David Austin has one called Pat Austin and there was another one on a different site called Just Joey which is a hybrid tea.

27 May, 2016


My first thought is Whisky Mac - a good solid rose (though it can be a bit susceptible to mildew so plant where it gets good flow of air rather than against a wall or fence.

27 May, 2016


Thanks for the suggestions. Firstly, I had already Googled it and probably came up with the same pages as you did Cammomile. I had Just Joey in my last garden but though I loved it there was more space there as it's quite vigorous.

I also thought of Whisky Mac, Urbanite, but in this small garden there is no place to plant it except against a fence and I ruled him out.

So, I'm down to only one option right now and that's Cherry Brandy. It's not a rose I know so I might have to ask at garden centres. Meanwhile, if there's anyone else out there with suggestions please post them. Thank you.

27 May, 2016


Whiskey Mac and Just Joey are both apricot colored, in spite of what the pictures show. My favorites are Fragrant Cloud, Tropicana, and Voodoo

27 May, 2016


Simply The Best is another great rose whose colour is sometimes described as 'burnt mandarin'. Has a strong scent too.

27 May, 2016


I don't know Simply the Best so I shall investigate. 'Burnt' is more the colour I'm looking for. Thanks Bendipa.

28 May, 2016


I've just Googled Simply the Best. Every single picture shows it as being gold with an apricot centre. Is it my PC?

28 May, 2016


No. It's not your PC. It's an amber colour with an apricot centre. Similar to Whiskey Mac, but a better rose. Better disease resistance and stronger scent. Hot Chocolate or Super Trouper maybe more to your requirements for colour but have no scent. I can't think of any bush rose described as a coppery colour that does have a scent. Fragrant Cloud is a possibility but that's more like coral red rather than coppery. If that colour meets your approval then there's your answer.

28 May, 2016


I've changed my requirements slightly in that I came across the small climber called Warm Welcome. I've seen it growing and know it has a lovely scent so am considering that against a west facing fence. Otherwise it will be Pat Austin or Cherry Brandy with the old favourite Just Joey as a last resort.

I have until the autumn before I need buy so have plenty of opportunity to see and smell roses between now and then.

Many thanks for all the suggestions.

29 May, 2016

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