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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Holiday advice for looking after seedlings. I have successfully germinated and now have about 10 healthy looking little Rudbeckia (annual) plants. Should I leave them as they are until I get back after a week and then pot them on?




They probably wouldn't last a week without water. Those cells are too small to sustain them. I'd suggest you pot them on before leaving.

28 May, 2016


Pot them on before you go or they'll probably be dead when you get back. Give the pots a good soaking the day you go, and leave them somewhere that's cool, light and out of the sun.

28 May, 2016


After you pot them on you can do 'the bottle trick.' Poke a couple holes in the bottom of a small plastic water bottle. Put a bottle in each pot. Just sit it on top of the soil in each pot. The water will slowly drip out, watering your plants for about a week. They should be double the size when you get back.

28 May, 2016


Thanks for the good tips :-)

28 May, 2016

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