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Plant identification needed, please...both latin and common names would be appreciated..thank you

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Hmm...maybe a white form of Hydrophyllum virginianum?

30 May, 2016


I think he's nailed it.

Virginia waterleaf or eastern waterleaf.
Hydrophyllum virginianum.

30 May, 2016


thanks, Tugbrethil and Buddlejagar, i bought this last year, but forgot what it this neck of the woods, in most of the nurseries, the plant is identified by a common name, and even most of the staff in the nurseries only know it by such, especially those temps for the summer..i remember Virginia waterleaf (now!) i correct in assuming it needs plenty of water in the shade? it's a lovely little plant..thanks again for your help,i would like to start cataloging my plants with both names..

30 May, 2016

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