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Hello, I have a 6ft Cordyline Australis and I made the mistake of removing the older yellow leaves and some of the lower hanging green leaves by pulling down on them to strip them off the trunk. The tree is still very healthy, but the part of the trunk I stripped has turned a dark colour in contrast to the rest of the trunk which is a silvery grey. Do you think bark will eventually form over the stripped part of the trunk and replace the unsightly dark colour? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

On plant Cordyline australis




There shouldn't be any problem, Outernational. The trunk should bleach to match over the next 3 months to a year, depending on your climate--the warmer and drier, the quicker.

30 May, 2016


I agree it will pale given time. it will dry and fade nicely.
welcome to GoY too

30 May, 2016


Thank you Tugbrethil and Seaburngirl! Next time I will cut the leaves off close to the trunk rather than stripping them off!!

4 Jun, 2016


Either way works. I usually--mostly yuccas and Dracaenas, in my climate--cut the leaves about an inch long, and then strip off the stubs once they dry.

5 Jun, 2016

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