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Hostas with no name, Hosta experts please help.
The first two are not labelled. The third has a label 'Niagara Falls' but when you look on line a lot of them look the same.
(I have two of these questions with different pics as it only let me put three on at a time)

On plant Hosta

101_0580 101_0583 101_0581niagara_falls



I have a hosta, Frances Williams, I bought from the supermarket last year for $2.00. It emerged this year as an entirely different plant - bigger, grander & more fabulous than ever. You have a nice collection. I don't worry too much about the name as you say, many look-a-likes. I'll try to match it as close as possible but won't go crazy over it.

30 May, 2016


The first hosta pic could be a number of possibilities but it looks a lot like 'Fire And Ice' which is a very popular one of that variegation and leaf shape.

The second pic could be 'Emerald Tiara'.

The 3rd pic could fit dozens of Hostas. Can't see how it's 'Niagra Falls', though. Wrong leaf shape, colour and that has a serrated margin. Possibly 'Oxheart' resembles yours most, but also 'Happy Hearts' and 'Heartleaf' are similar. 'Niagra Falls' looks like pic below..

30 May, 2016


Thanks for your help Bathgate and Bendipa. I'll have a look at your suggestions.

31 May, 2016


there are 100's of hosta varieties. you would be better sending pictures with measurements/ruler scale to the hosta society for correct id.

31 May, 2016

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