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when is the best time to fertilize a flowering bush/plant? with our erratic weather, it's hard to go by the seasons, and i'm thinking it might be best to be guided by what the plant is doing, so should i fertilize before the buds appear (tricky), when it buds, or when the buds open? opinions, please..thank you..



Which particular bush/plant are you asking about Odaatpat?

31 May, 2016


thanks, Moon growe..well, i was thinking in general terms, but how about clematis? i've just brought 3 home from the nursery, and planted them in is in full flower, the other two are in bud...

31 May, 2016


There are some general rules regarding feeding plants such as shrubs and climbers - apply fertilizer in spring, once the weather has warmed up and things have started signs of growth, using a general purpose fertiliser with a balanced NPK. If you use a granular formulation (growmore granules, NPK 7-7-7, for instance) that will feed for six weeks, and permanent plants should not be given fertilizer past June really, though in temperate zones, fertilizer can be repeated as late as the third week of June. Whether and when they flower isn't particularly relevant; feeding of plants should be done during the growing season that is, spring through to early summer.
If you choose a liquid feed for permanent plants in pots, apply as often as it says on the pack, but again, not past mid June.

This basic guide doesn't include plants that require specialist feeds for whatever reason, and it doesn't apply to annuals, or summer bedding, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

31 May, 2016


thanks, Bamboo..i've been fertilizing kind of hit and miss (horrors!) but fortunately my garden hasn't suffered too least, not that i've noticed, but now that i have a much smaller and easier garden to tend to, i'd like to become more knowledgeable, and thanks to people like you and Moon growe along with so many other helpful souls on Goy, i'm starting to learn....

31 May, 2016


There's another dimension to 'feeding' plants growing in the ground, but so far you only asked about potted plants! You can always ask anything you want to know anyway...

31 May, 2016


thanks, be sure, i'll be asking more as i go along...thank you

31 May, 2016

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