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How do I take cuttings from forest flame plant



Hi, welcome to GoY, you can take greenwood cuttings in early summer, or semi ripe cuttings in mid to late summer, if you go for the latter, you will need some bottom heat to root them, take a piece of stem from this years growth, approximately 4"to 6" long, take off most of the leaves, just leaving the top 2 sets, make a clean cut with a sharp knife, just below a leaf joint near the bottom of your shoot, and insert into a soil based cutting compost, ie, john innes, and I would add some sharp sand or horticultural grit, to improve drainage, you can either put them in a propagator without heat if you use the early summer cuttings, or with heat if you use the later method, when rooted gradually harden them off, before planting out in autumn the following year, Derek.

31 May, 2016


Many thanks for that info. I am an amateur gardener and you explained it the procedure very simply.
Thanks again,

18 Apr, 2018

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