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Have attached a photo of a beautiful fern ......could anyone identify it please?




Ferns can be difficult to identify - often you need to see the shape of the spores. If I had to guess I'd say one of the Dryopteris but could be wrong.

31 May, 2016


Yes - closeups of the front and back of a frond, whole plant photo (which you have) and a description of any scales on the stalk are all necessary for ID. As that fern is just unfurling, there probably won't be any spores, so you'd have to wait a couple of months as well.

31 May, 2016


Try googling images of:
"Dryopteris affinis Cristata the King"

31 May, 2016


I don't think this is a cristate form - looks more as though the fronds haven't quite finished unfurling. If you look at the ones near the base they have plain tips.

31 May, 2016


Many thanks everyone.....Steragram,..Longleaf,you are right......I can vaguely remember asking an online fern expert and cristata the King rings a bell!Have googled it also.

1 Jun, 2016

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