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Elaegnus ebbingeii with some odd-coloured leaves

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Elaeagnus ebbingei with some odd-coloured leaves.

The shrub is mostly its usual silver-green self, but some of the older leaves have become a mottled green and yellow.

I planted this mature shrub (1.2m tall) in March. My soil is clay, on the acid side of neutral, and, as usual, I incorporated plenty of grit and composted bark prior to planting. I also added our own well-rotted garden compost and bone meal to the planting hole. Is it missing something?




1.2m means the plant would have been fairly mature, because they're relatively slowgrowing shrubs. More mature, larger plants have more trouble settling in and establishing themselves properly once planted, and Elaeagnus in particular have a symbiotic interaction with certain bacteria, and that can take time to establish. They hate waterlogged or wet soil, but this one will need to be kept well watered until it's managed to produce more widespread roots.

It doesn't sound as if it needs anything else added to it, I'm afraid its just a case of keeping it watered as necessary. One thing you could do is give it a shot of chemical fertiliser, such as Growmore, to help it along till its roots are able to function better in the ground.

31 May, 2016


Could they just be last years leaves falling off normallY? Mine frightened me this spring too but seems to be rather better now. (Bamboo suggested tht this was the trouble)

31 May, 2016


Thank you, guys, for putting my mind at rest. I was worried it might be some hideous disease, and it seems that isn't the case, thank goodness. I'll treat it to some Growmore and make sure it doesn't dry out. Hopefully it will eventually settle in. :)

31 May, 2016

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