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Morning GoYers, bought three oriental poppies last year all of which were supposedly Beauty of Livermore none of which are, can anyone tell me which one they are please, very orange no black centre.




No idea, Olive - found several images of this plant, all of them listed as Papaver orientale, orange - but that might be because most of the images are on Alamy or Pinterest, where, infuriatingly, they give no or very few details of what a plant actually is in terms of varietal names. I curse both Alamy and Pinterest practically daily, lol!

2 Jun, 2016


thanks for looking any way Bamboo :O) it is so infuriating when a plant is named and then it turns out to be something totally different. I wish I could remember where I bought it from so I could complain.

2 Jun, 2016


It is a very pretty one though, but yes, a lesson for the future - keep the labels and the receipts...

2 Jun, 2016


its label is still on it, it says Beauty of Livermore, lol. but it doesn't have the suppliers name on the label, they are not daft these garden websites. lol. have been trying to find my list of orders from the sites I thought I could have bought it from but none of them are showing old/past orders, I wonder why!!

2 Jun, 2016


Ah, yes, well I always print my orders off so I've got an actual copy! You presumably don't keep the invoices then, because the plant names are usually listed on those when they send them out.

2 Jun, 2016


Nope do not keep paperwork. Maybe its me being too trusting I live and learn.

2 Jun, 2016


Looks like Papaver orientale 'Orangeade maison'.

2 Jun, 2016


thank you Longleaf, that's very kind of you :O) it looks like an orangeade lol :O) very pretty even if it is not the one I was wanting. Ah well I will await the arrival of some that Karen sent me and see if they are correctly named. Thanks again :O)

3 Jun, 2016

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