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Yes, I got bamboo tonight, think it’s green? Bamboo. Been wanting bamboo for awhile. I have a Q. I received 2 young plants, with the roots, what type of soil should I plant? I have dirt, clay and planting soil. & what type of light? Btw, Idk if it clumps or runs, either. I can take pics an post if that will help.



If planting bamboo in the ground and the soil is heavy, it can always be improved. Sand or any other granular material can be mixed to improve drainage. If the soil is too sandy or light, then organic material such as compost can be mixed to help retain moisture.

Ha! I would grow it in large pots as the rhizomes travel & pop up in your lawn & neighbours garden too, you can make a barrier if you don't want it in a pot.
Look at this site on Bamboo........

4 Jun, 2016


Which varieties of bamboo are they? Can't say whether they'll clump or run without knowing what they are.

4 Jun, 2016


I posted 2 pics in my new Q. About Bamboo. The bamboo in the pics is the exact same as I planted in my yard. Just harvested elsewhere.

4 Jun, 2016


At Bamboo. And Ladyessex1, I already know about the barriers, just don't know when to use them. They are young shoots now. 2 of them. Want to grow it as a memorial garden to my cat Shadow.

4 Jun, 2016

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