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My rosebush is being overtaken by a honeysuckle vine. I'm not sure how much longer it will last. Can I move it now? When/How is the best time to move it?




hi Paul they are better moved late autumn early spring before growth starts. As the rose is more precious then I'd prune the honeysuckle to keep it in check until you can move the rose.

4 Jun, 2016


You can always cut the honeysuckle back now even though it's in flower. That will then leave space until you can move one or other in the autumn. Your rose doesn't look too overpowered though.

4 Jun, 2016


Yep, honeysuckles can take hard pruning far better than roses can take strangulation! As fast as most vining honeysuckles grow, you will probably have to prune it back a couple times before early fall, when the rose can find a new home.

4 Jun, 2016


Hi, hope everybody is enjoying the amazing weather. Thanks for your help. I'll just have to wait until autumn then & keep the honeysuckle in check. The darn thing is coming from from the other side.

4 Jun, 2016


That's honeysuckle--"no boundaries"! :)

4 Jun, 2016

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