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Good Morning can any of you lovely people out the help identify this plant or maybe a tree Iv asked all my garden friends and no one knows. First two pics.
Also I planted some bulbs and have these growing and I can't remember what plants they are any ideas.

Image Image Image



It looks like a tree seedling to me. or could be Cotoneaster of some kind, and the last pic looks like from Malva family or Hollyhock. Sorry, can't see the bulbs.

6 Jun, 2016


I would guess the top one as Cornus alba Sibirica shrub.

6 Jun, 2016


I wondered abut hollyhock too for the second one too, but none of the Malva family are bulbs as far as I know.

6 Jun, 2016


The shrubby one looks like a cherry to me.

6 Jun, 2016


I think the bulbs are in the other pot in the last pic Steragram but it's making my neck ache trying to see them!

6 Jun, 2016


Oh,so they are. Not identifiable from that pic then. Look after your neck!

6 Jun, 2016


I would say definitely Hollyhock for the last pic., they look exactly like our self-seeded ones.

7 Jun, 2016


Thanks everyone

27 Jun, 2016


The shrub looks like one I have in my garden which is either deutzia or aronia, not sure.

2 Aug, 2016

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