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Good afternoon, I sowed some wild flowers seeds in my flower bed and in don't want are weeds, can someone pls help as I don't want to pull up the wrong ones

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Doyou mean the large one at the back and the smaller droopy on at the front - I thought you meant newly emerged seedlings. The third one looks like cornflowers. Without a lot of experience it is often difficult be sure which are the weeds until they get bigger. When they flower you will be able to see, and take them out before they set seed. Your garden looks extremely dry and the plants are wilting - give the bed a really good drink of water.

6 Jun, 2016


What did your packet of wild flower seed say was in it?

6 Jun, 2016


The plant in the first 2 photos looks like Euphorbia peplus, which would be a weed in the UK. I would pull that one up.

6 Jun, 2016


Welcome to grows on you. Accept that this is a learning project and follow Steragrams advice re pulling out any you recognise as weeds. Once you have flowers you can also pull out any you would not want again. If you let them self sow you will find them coming back for a few years. If you post a photo of the flowering plants later on then someone can advise you if they are likely to be invasive and unwelcome.

7 Jun, 2016

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