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Ladybird House

essex, England Eng

My dad arranged to take the horror to see santa today, it turns out that santas grotto was in a rather large garden centre near us, so i decided to tag along. anyway whilst there i found a rather nice ladybird house, i have always liked the idea of them, particually as i have recently invested in a few David Austin Roses, which i have scattered all around the garden. i like the idea of having my own little ladybird family ready to munch on all the greenfly that will no doubt try to attack my roses in the summer, - rather than spraying with a bug gun. the ladybird house comes complete with a pole which is about 18" long, can anyone please give me advice on how best to site it to be most effective? how high off the ground dose it need to be, does it need any maintenance, do i need to include anything else to attract them (it does have straw already inside) ect.. any info anyone has on these would be most welcome, thanks.




I think they are supposed to be sited a few feet off the ground and not facing north. If you have any nettles in or beside your garden it would be good to put the house nearby as they often lay their eggs on nettles.

20 Dec, 2007


thanks Hoya, i don't have nettles in my garden at all but i think i have a nice cosy area behind a large shrub that might work well. there are some blackberry bushes behind it in nextdoors garden, but i am far to tydy in my garden to have any in mine! lol does anyone know how effective they are for pest control?

21 Dec, 2007


I think that I was just plain lucky with ladybirds! We had Pampas grass (which just had to go), but I noticed, in winter, that the stalks were full of ladybirds. In Spring, I finally removed the ladybirds and pampas grass, because I noticed that the laybirds love my Tansy (Tannacetum vulgaris). I have since got rid of all the Pampas grass. I was outdoors yesterday, and founf a few ladybirds in the leaves of my Tansy, and also in the crevices round the door of the greenhouse.

1 Jan, 2008


Hi David, happy new year! i would imagine that Pampas grass would make a good home for them, did you find the ladybirds effictive against greenfly? or did you still need to spray?

1 Jan, 2008


Hi David

I have a lady bird house in my garden which I purchased some 3 years ago from the green gardener website. It is sited next to a large pine tree and is slightly hidden. I purchased lady bird eggs from the greengardener and I also have a large pampas grass that they love to over winter in.

I am an organic gardener and I also have several David Austin roses which are not plague by aphids. I seem to be doing something right as I have good population of ladybirds every year. I also have frogs and blue tits who love aphids.

I also have an hedghog house which is will hidden and the occupant keeps my snail and slugg population under control.

The greengardener website is really good and has lots of advise.

Hope this helps.


1 Jan, 2008


hi Debs, we seem to get loads of wildlife too, you say that you have also got hedgehogs, have you ever known them to dig up bulbs?

2 Jan, 2008

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