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2 yrs ago I bought 2 lovely calla lilies from a guarden centre. When they finished I lifted them and stored the corms over winter. Last spring I planted them in pots and grew them on in the greenhouse. I planted them out. But despite having plent of foliage there were no blooms, so I bought 2 more. Again after they finished I lifted these and the plants that failed to flower. Again this spring I planted 5he corms in pots and they've grown well with plenty of foliage but, as yet, no flowers. Last week I was in my local garden centre and asked if feeding them with tomato food might help. No! came the firm reply. Use a balanced feed and water well. Today I was in the garden centre where I bought the original plants so I asked again for any clues as to why I cant get my replanted corms to flower. This time I was told, "try tomato food and keep them dry"!! Help!!!!



Well you've got two different answers which are both sort of correct. By calla lily, I'm assuming you mean tender Zantedeschia varieties; the link below gives specific instructions as to how to feed these, shown under tender zantedeschias, from which you will see that the time for a high nitrogen feed is up until the plant starts flowering, when you stop feeding.Once flowering is finished, that's when you feed with tomato food or similar, and you should continue that until the leaves are dying back, at which point, stop and carry out your usual over wintering regime.

If none of them flowers this year, then start tomato food at the time you'd normally expect the flowers to have finished.

8 Jun, 2016


Thanx Bamboo for your reply. Your correct in your assumption of the plant type. I will look up the advice on the link. As regards a nitrogen feed I was told in the garden centre today that a possible cause of non flowering was too much nitrogen!! When I pointed out that I have only used a balanced feed I was told the nitrogen could be in the compost even though I use multi purpose.
Think I'll have a lie down in a dark room!!

8 Jun, 2016


I'm sorry to say that, in my extensive experience, garden centres are not a reliable source oi information!

8 Jun, 2016

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