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What's this growing in my aunties garden? Is it worth keeping? She likes it but wants to know what it is? It will all soon be borders so would like to plant around it? Can anybody help?

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It is a tree form of the Cotoneaster. Its main use will be provide nice, red berries for the birds as the flowers a pretty insignificant, a good bee plant though.

8 Jun, 2016


Agree. Probably Cotoneaster Cornubia. I have one in my garden. Bees and butterflies go mad for the flowers; birds not crazy for the berries unless they get desperate. Semi-evergreen in my part of the country.

8 Jun, 2016


Thankyou both! It's been cut down twice and we didn't know if it was a weed or not as it used to be a row of conifers down each side!

8 Jun, 2016


Make quite a sizeable tree eventually but a very attractive one in Autumn.

8 Jun, 2016


Thankyou! She says it can stay and she might shape it a little, will aid to blocking out the neighbours who have two big Rottweilers that are very inquisitive (they like chase people) haha :)

8 Jun, 2016


My daughter had one in her garden, shaped like an umbrella and she hung tea lights in it but it was quite mature.

8 Jun, 2016

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