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Leigh-on-Sea Essex, United Kingdom Gb

ID Please Ekkk! Anyone know what this bug is?
I took a quick pic so not a good photo LOL.
Jackie x




A blood sucking mosquito!

10 Jun, 2016


Ha! Ha! Ha! No its not LOL x

10 Jun, 2016


I believe it's a type of soldier fly called Xylomia maculata. Do you have decaying logs and stumps in your garden? That's where they hang out. I think it's supposed to be rare so if it bothers you there probably aren't any others!

10 Jun, 2016


It looks like Amblyteles armatorius.

10 Jun, 2016


Ah, you could be right Longleaf. Didn't come up with that one.

10 Jun, 2016


neither did I obviously, but I agree.

10 Jun, 2016


Considering it was flying I think its a pretty good photo actually...

10 Jun, 2016


Yes it does look like Amblyteles armatorius. a parasitic wasp and a friend.
look at its tiny waist! if only I had more of a waist, those were the days - sigh!

11 Jun, 2016


Thank You for All the info Friends :o))

12 Jun, 2016


Would you like wings too SBG?

12 Jun, 2016


You are welcome. This was an interesting thread and should be archived "Good Times on GoY!"

13 Jun, 2016

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