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Dublin, Ireland Ie

Good afternoon all, should I dead head my Geums or just leave them alone. Thanks



Hi, yes you do, it encourages more flowers :-)

11 Jun, 2016


If you have a lot like I have then it's a bit of a chore but worth doing.

11 Jun, 2016


Many thanks I will get going on that between the showers over here.

11 Jun, 2016


Definitely or you end up a. Covered in seeds which are a b!"£!er to get off and b.Seedlings springing up everywhere and not always where you would like them.

11 Jun, 2016


Well, it depends if you like your Geums or not; they have attractive seed heads. I suppose that I do 'dead head' ours as I collect the seeds, but not until they are ripe.

11 Jun, 2016

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