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Orchid question. The foliage on my phaelenopsis orchid has started to shrivel and turn yellow. New growth has appeared but not sure what has happened to the older leaves?

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I am by no means an expert on Orchids but I have three and in the past, dispaired that they'd ever do anything. However, I have read some rather interesting information on them recently. If the leaves are browning like yours, I cut them off. The shrivelled ones are likely due to lack of water. Take your plant out of the pot its standing in and (the ceramic one) fill a plastic tub like an ice cream tub with water and put a teaspoon of orchid in bloom feed in. Stand the orchid in it for about an hour and then drain. You should do this every week even if it's in bloom and you will get flower spikes on it. All three of mine are going to bloom. The person who wrote this information has had hers in bloom continuously for months.

11 Jun, 2016


Mine do that all the time, yellow and die back but as long as they are growing new foliage I don't worry. I pretty much neglect mine watering only once a fortnight because when I watered every week, the buds fell off the spikes. Now I water less and they flower sometimes for seven or eight months. Cut off the leaf once it's all died back. I'm too a novice but I have 6 orchids of different sizes and colours and they flower fantastically every year for long periods. When they've done flowering I put them somewhere in a darker place and water very seldom to let them rest. Then as we get towards the end of spring they all start to sprout new leaves and flower spikes again. Hope this helps.

11 Jun, 2016


Cammomile- i do water my orchid once every 10 days exactly the way you described! I have had several over the years and as thefe ie new growth it must not be suffering too much.
Judylb- thanks pfor your advice- will let you know if I can get this one to flower!!

11 Jun, 2016


The only way to kill these orchids is overwatering. You can trim of the brown bits to make them look better and it can stop it spreading up the leaf.. Rule of thumb, take out of ceramic and look at roots, green is good, white needs a drink, brown is dead

12 Jun, 2016

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