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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Found the beginnings of Mares Tail on our allotment!! Would be grateful of advice if anyone has tried to eradicate it?



If you only have one or two shoots you would probably get away with digging it out as soon as you see it - may not have had time yet to root deeply. Whatever you do get rid immediately of any slender stems with a bulbous top as this is the fertile stem that will discharge spores everywhere.

11 Jun, 2016


Just keep pulling it up, every time you see it. Don't miss any. I wouldn't dig it up as the roots are so deep (2m); you are disturbing the soil for nothing and disturbed soil only encourages it.

Do not compost the material - burn or bag it.

11 Jun, 2016


Hi agree with the above, but would like to point out that it's horsetail you've got, marestail you would find in your pond, as it's an aquatic weed, Derek.

11 Jun, 2016


Pulling it up as you see it is the only answer on an allotment site which is shared with others. Specialized chemicals would work and could kill it on your own land but that would probably mean killing everything around it.

11 Jun, 2016


Thanks for that good advice, I can always count on GOY friends :-)

11 Jun, 2016

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