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I.D. of a plant I unearthed in a dark, damp corner of the garden. Any idea what it might be?
I don't know if there will be a flower.

Img_0777 Img_0776



Looks alot like a weed I have seen in my garden. If it thrives in deep shade, a floral display is probably not in the offing.

12 Jun, 2016


Most plants do flower eventually - if nobody identifies it from the leaves post a pic of the flowers when they appear.
I think it may be a a Tiarella.

12 Jun, 2016


The leaves look rather like a Geum.

13 Jun, 2016


I think Geum too..

13 Jun, 2016


I hope you two are right rather than me because geums are a lot prettier

13 Jun, 2016


Thanks all. No hint of any blooms yet, but it's a healthy looking plant. will post again if / when it flowers.

14 Jun, 2016


My Geum took quite a while to start flowering,Sophie,so be patient..a couple of years in fact..sorry to be a bit of a killjoy,but I almost got rid of it,as it was so slow to get going..It is a lovely plant now..:o)
Maybe you could plant it in a sunny position in your garden, ? it should be happy there..that's if it is a Geum !

14 Jun, 2016


I think that this is Wood Avens (Geum urbanum) so Bulbaholic was right. I have this growing everywhere in the damp places in the garden. It seeds prolifically and has tiny little burr like seeds to catch on animals and people. Before this it has tiny little yellow flowers.
When you look at the site below you will see that the leaves are tri-lobed (split into three) but I have this in two different places and some have the split leaves and some are almost rounded, looking a lot like yours.
I will add a blog to show you the differences, sorry for the blurry photo's, they were taken in artifical light!

But of course I could be wrong and it could be a cultivated Geum!

14 Jun, 2016


I agree Geum urbanum, they seed themselves every where

17 Jun, 2016

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