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Hi . my sprout and broccoli young plants have had their leaves eaten to leave not much more than stalks . Will they recover ? Alan C



Unlikely, you'll need to sow more and protect from slugs, snails and birds.

17 Jun, 2016


Thanks for that. Got 1inch square mesh to protect from rabbits + netting over top + slug and snail protection ! still no good . Do you know whether mice , voles or other small creatures that can get through mesh will eat the young plants . Alan.

17 Jun, 2016


Yes they will, did you start off in small pots?

17 Jun, 2016


established to transplanting size succesfuly in a cloche . Then in growing site and problems began !!! happy days , i will get some plants and try again !! we live and learn dont we .

17 Jun, 2016


Good luck!

17 Jun, 2016

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