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I hope that you can help? Many species in my garden appear to be suffering - Dianthus, Zinnia, Merleau, aguilegia and crocosmia all have leaves which are going from pale to white. Tagetes are turning brown and I have found a newly planted erysimum that has completely rotten and covered in mould.
I have just noticed that hollyhocks and lupins all have leaves that are beginning to curl.
With the exception of the crocosmia all of the affected plants have been planted this spring.
We have had torrential rain in the North west lately after weeks of incessant sun and I am hoping that it is just down plants suffering with the excessive water and poor drainage?
Help please
Mark Burke

Zinnia_1_edited Dianthus Crocosmia



Nitrogen deficiency due to leaching. You need to get some foliage feed on those plants as soon as possible. When, if, the rain stops then add some High nitrogen feed to the soil, but until then foliage spray is better.

17 Jun, 2016

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