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Advice please, I did have two perfectly healthy looking shrubs, one in the back garden and one in the front, last week the one in the front garden succumbed and now has no leaves on it at all, they all went like skeletons and today I noticed the one in my back garden is going the same way...Totally confused as I have never seen anything like this before...

On plant Viburnam opulus Roseum

Img_0368 Img_0369



Could this be a result of the Viburnham beetle? Which looks very similar to that of Viburnham Tinus, if so then sprayed with bugclear three times a year normally stops the leaves being shredded.

17 Jun, 2016


Good grief, what devastation! I think it is Viburnum beetle.

17 Jun, 2016


Oh thankyou both so much, I thought I might have to remove them, I have had both shrubs for donkeys years and hadn't got a clue, as I said its never happened before, I did scrape the bark of the one in my front garden and was relieved to see all the green on the branches, at first I even asked my hubby if he had backed the car too close and burnt it with the exhaust, I won't tell you what his answer was, lol.....

17 Jun, 2016


Oops Julien, your reply hadn't appeared when I answered.

18 Jun, 2016


I have a Buddleija which always looks like this every year, then recovers and flowers perfectly. Never knew what it was, but never have it on the Viburnums!

19 Jun, 2016


I've never had it before Honey, I was wondering whether to cut them both down for now and see how we get on next year with some new growth, neither shrub is near the pond so I can use a spray on them.....

19 Jun, 2016

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