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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Cucumbers - my know all neighbour insists

I should only grow cucs on the main stem, not out along the "branches". I'm worried he may be right, but hope not - I'd love to tell him he's wrong.



Have you grown them before? If you have and they were OK growing on runners, carry on. I took over my friend's greenhouse a few years ago as she spent more time in France than the UK and got my cucumber growing advice from her. I had cues growing around two sides of the greenhouse, never restricted them and had 40 to 50 growing on each plant. The only problem was finding enough friends to give them to!

18 Jun, 2016


My cucs never last long enough - the downy mildew always gets them. I'd like to know the answer when you find out.

18 Jun, 2016


Oh! Glad you said about only watering from the bottom Snoopdog, onw of my plants has some mildew on their leaves so I cut the leaf off, I hope that was ok to do that? :o))

19 Jun, 2016


Thanks C, yes, I've grown them before, but restricted them by growing on the main stem only, and have never had more than 10 cucs.
But this year I managed to raise 5 plants and will experiment.

19 Jun, 2016

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