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Asked last year about cutting back a 'forsythia' was told to do it after flowering, trouble is all flowers have gone a while ago , and i can't tell which branches to cut they all look the same to me, its lovely and bushy best iv'e ever seen it!. what do i do pleases help ! nellie



Leave it - rather too late now. Do it next year when you can still see the dead flowers.

18 Jun, 2016


I would still risk cutting it back,Nellie...all the stems..I do this with my neighbour's,as he can't manage it anymore,and it still flowers well every year..It's a very forgiving shrub !

18 Jun, 2016


I do not think it is too late to cut back but I would do it this week. Just cut back to a shape that is pleasing to you bearing in mind they are strong growers.

19 Jun, 2016

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