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Our garden has been laid bare in places by our neighbour applying glycophosphates to eliminate weeds. How do we recover?



Apply compost, and water heavily--nature may be taking care of that for you, from what I hear. If you can find the product, spraying the the foliage of the survivors with fulvates seems to help them to recover faster. You can make your own fulvates by brewing up a good batch of compost tea.

20 Jun, 2016


Well I'm curious - how come your neighbour has been applying weedkiller in your garden? Or was it spray drift that caused the damage?

20 Jun, 2016


And if it was, then send him the bill for replacement plants!

20 Jun, 2016


That's exactly what I'd do Owdboggy.

20 Jun, 2016


That's true, too, but as a lawer, I make a half-decent gardener! :)
To be fair, few people realize how far spray drift can go, and how much damage it can do. Also, when applied heavily, glyphosphate can be absorbed by any roots in the vicinity, including those on the other side of the fence, and heavy rains can wash excess chemical far into the neighbor's property.

20 Jun, 2016


If your neighbour hasn't already done the decent thing and offered to pay compensation for his negligence, then I would send him the bill.

21 Jun, 2016

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