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By Borodin

Denbighshire, United Kingdom Gb

Has anybody here tried the Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 treatment on their lawn ?. I bought some at the weekend for just £10 along with a drop spreader for £19.99. Just applied it to my lawn this evening and was told to expect to see positive results within 7 days. Fingers crossed but if someone could provide a positive (or negative) review of this product then please do.



I've used it before - its okay, quite good, but like all the combined treatments, not much use as a weedkiller. The one I used this year was Evergreen Extreme Green, just lawn food, no mosskiller or weedkiller, said to green in three days, followed by an application four days later of Verdone extra for weedkilling, which is a much more effective lawn weedkiller.I can confirm it does green in three days, with marked results, BUT, you do have to be very, very careful not to overdose, its very strong and it burns the grass easily. The one you've used is a bit less fierce.

21 Jun, 2016


I used wilkinsons feed and weed and had exelant results,thats the only one ive used so far

21 Jun, 2016


it will make the grass grow a lot faster. just remember not to compost the clippings from these mowings.
weeds will also grow faster but that is the point of it really.

21 Jun, 2016

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