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I have extensive damage to Box boarder , i am toolkit is to do with a moth ? can it be saved or are they all lost ? now just twigs .



Sorry to hear that. It sounds like Box Blight. Do an internet search to see if that's the case - lots of info out there.

21 Jun, 2016


If its Box tree caterpillar, you'd have seen evidence of it - they're quite noticeable with their yellow, brown and black stripes, not to mention the webbing. These particular pests have so far only been recorded in the south, and the RHS would like to know if you have them, wherever you are - they're trying to map the spread of them. If you're sure that's the problem, info regarding treatment here

If you're not 100% sure that's the problem, more information below regarding problems with Box

21 Jun, 2016

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