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By Johnsg

Is there a safe way to kill a tree sapling growing amongst the base of a wisteria. I can't get to the root to dig it out



Yes, but with great care. You need a bottle of SBK, a brushwood and stump killer. Cut the sapling down as low as possible, the nearer the ground the better. Now make cuts into it to expose the inner material (if its thick enough to drill into, do that, making little wells about quarter inch deep). Apply the SBK to the wells or cuts you've made, without spilling it or letting it drip or run onto the soil or the wisteria. A couple of drops here and there won't matter, but a spoonful or two spilt in the area might. SBK is like water - it tells you on the bottle to dilute it, but I don't, I do this procedure using it neat, it works better. It's easier and more effective to apply it to drilled 'wells', less easy to apply to deep cuts without spilling, but it can be done. Cover with something afterwards - a plastic bag wrapped around, or a pot over the top if its close to the soil. If the sapling's trunk was not big enough to drill, or you are unable to get close to the base when cutting it down, you may need to repeat the treatment.

21 Jun, 2016


I was going to say that bamboo.

21 Jun, 2016


Glad you agree!

21 Jun, 2016

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