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Sambuca black lace and roses?
I've just planted a black lace in my as yet empty rosebed, roughly 5x4m.
Been trailing through so many photographs of sambuca combinations but not one with roses. I'll be planting pink (very pale or very dark) and white roses mostly. Has anybody got any pics of them together??



Although I haven't seen Sambucus Black Lace planted with roses I would have to make two observations. First the Sambucus will be an absolute beast; so big that you will have to prune it on a regular basis. Secondly, it does manage to attract black and white fly big time, so your roses will suffer and have to be sprayed constantly.

23 Jun, 2016


As I would grow it mainly for its foliage it would be pruned severely most years, so its size doesnt realy come in to it. I wasn't aware of it being such a magnet for black n white fly but will bear it in mind. Thanks Jto.

23 Jun, 2016

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