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is there a tool for the house plant to keep the proper moisture in the soil



Not really - there are various moisture meters available, but they're not very effective. Most house plants respond to the same regime, with a few exceptions - water when the surface of the compost feels just about dry to the touch, but not so dry the soil has shrunk from the sides of the pot. Water thoroughly, with sufficient water to run out of the bottom of the pot, then empty out any outer pot or tray after 30 minutes. On average, about once a week is enough, but it does depend how hot it gets where you are. There are some plants which need a bit more watering more frequently - Peace Lily tends to prefer more frequent watering, along with Anthurium.

23 Jun, 2016


Get to know the feel of the weight of the pot both when just watered and when the surface of the compost is dry. You'll be surprised how much this will tell you. Take notice of how the leaves look. Plants with their ideal amount of moisture usually have a bright healthy look, often with a bit of a shine on the leaves. When they are short of water they often look duller. Some plant such as the peace lily will droop if they are overwatered so don't be fooled into thinking that drooping leaves are necessarily a sign of water shortage. Knowing your plants well is the best guide, and remember its usually good to wait until the surface of the compost is fairly dry before watering again for most plants. if you try to treat ,say, and orchid and a busy lizzie the same one of them will probably die.

23 Jun, 2016


There are also a number of kinds of apparatus to "self water" plants, but in my experience, their performance ranges from mediocre to abysmal, and they do more harm than good to plants that like to dry out between waterings--including about 80% of houseplants. Among moisture meters, the best brand is that one attached to the end of your arm, but it needs a bit of experience to calibrate properly.

24 Jun, 2016


Having said that I've sometimes been surprised using a probe on a container plant outside to find that it was moist under the very dry surface...but you cant lift up big outdoor containers to check the weight...

24 Jun, 2016

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