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Is this friend or foe?? Seen on one of the sunflower plants this morning.




This appears to be a member of the longhorned beetle family. Their larvae are wood borers in trees and in sufficient numbers can harm a tree. The adult you see doesn't live too long and usually feeds on tree leaves and branches but not long enough to cause any damage.

23 Jun, 2016


Thanks for that information. It's good to get to know what these different insects and beetles are. And good to know it's not one to worry about.

23 Jun, 2016


hi Numbersfarn, I don`t know much about gardening but I do know stuff about beetles and believe that is Rutpela maculata or excitingly called Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetle.they are usually found in woodland and feed on nectar so this particular species is a friend.

23 Jun, 2016


Thank you, Tonyl, even better to know it feeds on nectar and is definitely a friend. It was certainly quite striking looking.

23 Jun, 2016


The adult is harmless enough but its the larvae that bores into the tree to cause the damage. So the adult form is a friend and the immature form is a foe....but then again it's the adult that lays the eggs.

23 Jun, 2016


hi Loosestrife I`m pretty sure this particular species lays its eggs on/in rotting wood.

23 Jun, 2016

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