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By Tonyl

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

id please
My neighbour has several large bushes at the back of his garden, The bees are covering them, any ideas anyone

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Most likely one of the Cotoneasters - Cotoneaster lacteus I suspect. Ever noticed berries on it?

23 Jun, 2016


The neighbour has said it gets tiny pink flowers then berries.

23 Jun, 2016


Definitely a Cotoneaster of some sort. They can be evergreen, semi-evergreen, or deciduous, depending on the variety. Flowers are either white or pink, and berries can be red, orange or yellow. Various shapes and sizes, from prostrate ground cover to large shrubs and trees.

23 Jun, 2016


Cotoneaster lacteus then, judging by the size...

23 Jun, 2016


I wish I could show you all how many bees are on it, I can hear the buzzing from 10 metres away

23 Jun, 2016


I know exactly what that's like Tony - one of my customers has a cotoneaster franchetti and that's quite noisy to be near currently! Bees love cotoneaster flowers, whatever variety they are.

23 Jun, 2016

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