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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

What s wrong wit my Tomatoes this year .The leaves are shrivelling on the ends & plants going black half up the stalks ( in greenhouse) .Thought was praps different all propose Compost But Cucumbers are thriving .But Tomatoes in outside tubs & in garden also are dying he same .Some of these plants were ones I'd grown myself , others bought from garden centre.THEN My next quest was to buy 2 Grow bags & New plants .They looked really healthy , but after 1 week they are giving up ad well. SO Not Compost, NOT bad batch of plants .SO what . IDEAS PLEASE .

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Blight? A photo would be useful...

23 Jun, 2016


Thanks moon grower will take some pics .

23 Jun, 2016


Yes, sounds like tomato blight, unfortunately.

23 Jun, 2016


Looks like blight too... remove completely and either burn or put in the wheelie bin not the recycling bin or the compost. Dispose of all the soil from containers and grow bags in the same way. Don't grow tomatoes in the same area next year.

23 Jun, 2016


Do I get rid also of the tubs I planted Tomato plants in OR Can I just extra specially disinfect them , for next year HOW Does Blight come . ? ( Is it Airborne , in plant itself , ( nurseries fault ) or Compost ?? Or even Water supply ( out of water Butt

25 Jun, 2016


No you don't need to get rid of the actual tubs but you will need to disinfect with something like Jeyes fluid. Blight itself is a fungus and is spread by wind borne spores, it is more likely to occur in cool wet summers. The spores can remain in the soil tomatoes, and potatoes, have been grown in hence the need to dispose of and soil in containers.

25 Jun, 2016

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