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By Tonyl

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Lupin question
my lupins are beginning to fade and drop petals, do i deadhead them now or wait till they`ve completely died

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You can do them now if you like, but I'd wait till more of the flowerlets had died back, but before seed pods start forming.

23 Jun, 2016


I sometimes run my hand down the spent flowers rubbing them off but leaving the rest of the flowers to open.

23 Jun, 2016


That's a great tip SBG as I don't enjoy them when they are half gone like this. :)

23 Jun, 2016


Its a personal choice really. Depends whether you like to get your money'sworth!

24 Jun, 2016


oh I like to get my money's worth that's for sure ;o))

24 Jun, 2016


A woman after my own heart...

24 Jun, 2016

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