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ID Please, Tag I wrote on faded LOL

Leigh-on-Sea Essex, United Kingdom Gb

ID of flowering Plant Please, Tag I wrote on faded LOL
Errr! Snails like it LOL

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looks like a verbascum

but which variety ?

25 Jun, 2016


Looks like a Nicotiana Sylvestris to me. Snails and slugs love it but if you can isolate it the flowers are strongly scented which draw moths, butterflies and bees.
Are the leaves and stem slightly sticky to the touch? If not then it's something different.

25 Jun, 2016


Which photo has the correct colour? The first one I thought looked like a verbascum too but I've not grown the nicotiana. Flowering will decide!

25 Jun, 2016


Wonder what I meant by isolate? I don't think that's what I intended!

25 Jun, 2016


I think you meant to keep away from the slugs and snails thats how I read it

25 Jun, 2016


Top One is the colour :o)
No! Not sticky to the touch :o))

25 Jun, 2016


I'll go for Verbascum if the top one is right. Time will tell...

25 Jun, 2016


Not sticky, then it isn't Nicotiana.

26 Jun, 2016


Its soft to the touch :o)

26 Jun, 2016


Arbuthnot. The leaves are now have a sticky feeling to them, so I think you are right about the name of them "Nicotiana" :o))
Well Done LOL

30 Jun, 2016

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