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ID Please.
I went to my Compost Bin to add some plant matter & when I lifted the Lid I saw all this Fungi Growing, so seeing I'm learning how to take Macro Pics off I went to get my Camara LOL, after a bit of fiddling & taking lots of pics I got this shot :o)).
Now.....Can anyone Name the Fungi for me Please :o))




hi Ladyessex, its a type of Ink cap fungi, I think its name is Coprinus. But i could be wrong!!

25 Jun, 2016


It does look very like Coprinus comatus . If as it matures the bottom of the cap goes black and liquid then that's what it is. Again, if that's what it is its edible - we have had it grilled with butter on toast, but its not very flavoursome and better with some bacon to give it a bit of oomph. However but the time its going inky it will be too late to eat it...

25 Jun, 2016


I wouldn't eat them unless there was someone came round that knows all about this fungi LOL
I don't want to destroy the Fungi but was wondering where to put all my garden greenery for composting now LOL :o))

25 Jun, 2016


Oh you can still put your greenery in the compost , the mushrooms are only the fruiting bodies of mycelium (sort of roots) already running through the compost anyway. Ordinary garden soil, if its healthy, has plenty of mycelium in it that we just don't notice most of the time. Wonder how the mycelium got in there if its a closed bin and its not in contact with the soil though...

26 Jun, 2016


Bamboo, there are tens of thousands, if not higher, fungal spores in the air we breath. Every time that compost bin cover is opened, air together with the spores, not mycelium, are sucked into it. The spores land on the compost and germinate into mycelium. The fungal mycelium secrete digestive enzymes. That together with the bacteria is what makes for good compost.

26 Jun, 2016


Thanks for All the info Friends, when I looked this morning they were all black & slimy Yuk :o{ so on went my garden cuttings :o))

26 Jun, 2016

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