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Hi, I am looking for very low growing plants that would be suitable as an alternative to grass for a lawn.



Chamomile is one plant that springs to mind, Jackie. How much wear is the lawn likely to get?

26 Jun, 2016


Link below to alternative ideas to having a lawn at all - there is a section on alternative plants you can use instead, together with other ideas which aren't plant related.

26 Jun, 2016


Rosierose - I'm not deliberately following you around the site! Both times I've posted, there were no answers when I started typing...

26 Jun, 2016


Lol! Love the link you've posted above, btw. Useful stuff. :)

26 Jun, 2016


My friends had creeping thyme which spread over their patio, it had beautiful lilac flowers and smelled wonderful when walked on.

27 Jun, 2016

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