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ID this pest please! Found tons of them at the root system of a dying rose bush. Black, big wings, lots of ants around them. Any ideas? Thanks!




Maybe a winged termite?

See this website for info:

26 Jun, 2016


I think it might be a young ant, a virgin queen or male, known as a flying ant. They emerge from the nest on balmy, humid days when there is no risk of rain, and fly off - often in great numbers - to mate. Ants can be a nuisance (they often invade houses) but are not really a garden pest. They build large nests with tunnels and love sandy soil.

26 Jun, 2016


If that's what they are they will soon be gone. They usually just have one flying day in summer for their nuptial flight as Ohmelchisedech says.. It's possible they were round the rose bush because they have a nest under it.

26 Jun, 2016


they are the indeed the winged form of ant. they fly to generate new colonies. there will still be an ants nest underneath. this happens every year. the birds love it. food on the wing.

27 Jun, 2016


Awesome thanks! My first thought was termite, but right now I'm in Washington state and that wouldn't fit. So I am okay to plant on top of it?

27 Jun, 2016


I wouldn't. I had a nest under a Rosemary which died. Suggest you plant a little to one side of it. In any case you wouldn't want to dig up or disturb the nest as you'll have a mass panic and ants running everywhere...

27 Jun, 2016

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