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I planted a golden plum tree about 4 years ago, the first year we had 3 plums, next year 2 plums, then 4 flowers no fruit. the tree is planted on an east facing fence. It is now up above the fence but no flowers of fruit. What can I do to ensure I get some fruit. Other than that it is a very healthy tree. We did not prune it last year but I feel it should be this year. thank you Mrs V Logan Just to say that my plum tree is smothered in blossom, I do hope they all come to fruit. I will have to get my jam making skills to work. Thanks.



Patience I think......I have Oolongs golden gage and no fruit yet, very subject to late frosts

27 Jun, 2016


Hi Veronica.

Plum trees won't start fruiting for several years, until they're fairly mature (you're lucky to have had any fruit at all). It's just a question of being patient, I'm afraid.

I wouldn't prune it all (it shouldn't need it at this early stage, if ever), but see what others say. :)

27 Jun, 2016


I might give it a light thinning for the sake of future structure, but any serious pruning that you do will delay fruiting even more.

27 Jun, 2016


I expected 5 to 7 years before it has more than the odd fruit, it needs time to establish a good root system and to mature

27 Jun, 2016


If and when you do ever decide to prune it remember to do it in spring or early summer, and on a dry day.
(Unlike most other fruit trees)

1 Jul, 2016


Actually noticed that we have a few green plums forming......hope we get them before the birds and wasps!

3 Jul, 2016

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