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Sweet Autumn clematis. I built a very large pergola earlier in the year which is where I am going to have my wedding reception in September. We planted 18 quite mature clematis plants in April in the hope it would cover a fair bit of the pergola in 5 months. The holes were dug larger than the pots filled with gravel first then compost and back fill, then the plants were then covered with more gravel to keep the roots cool. They have all survived the past three months and are very green however the rate of growth has been very disappointing. They are still quite spindly looking and have barely gained any height.

Is there anything I can do to encourage extremely rapid growth over the next two months. I'm not fussed about the plant long term and just need a very quick fix. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.



Funnily enough, I bought this plant in February at less than 1 foot tall, it's already Five foot tall now and still going! I've been watering once a week with miracle grow soluble plant food, you dissolve it in a watering can and water the base and foliage of the plant! I can highly recommend it and it's certainly made mine (and everything else grow too)

29 Jun, 2016


Thanks for that advice, I will definitely be trying that. I have also been told that pruning may also help but they weren't sure so am hoping somebody on here may be able to tell me whether this is wise or not? Thanks again

29 Jun, 2016


Its asking a lot of any climber to give you brilliant display in its first season and I would definitely have a plan B in reserve even though this one can later be so rampant it needs curtailing.. Perhaps it knows you aren't bothered what happens to it afterwards...
Just wondering why you put a lot of gravel in the planting holes - is the ground very heavy clay? The roots may be taking their time growing through it in search of some proper soil?

29 Jun, 2016

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